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The word processing system is composed from the following layers:

User interface layer
  • It contains a .NET windows form control and window, along with a windows forms drawing and clipboard implementation.

Generic controls layer
  • It contains a generic control, printer, and clipboard interface (technology independent).

Graphics Layer
  • It is a technology independent layer that provides a single interface for drawing.

Printing and Paging Layer
  • It translates the document and paragraphs from the document layer into pages and lines that are painted on a desktop or printer.

Document Layer
  • It contains the document, paragraph, and text. The text includes a stringbuilder and a list of blocks with formats associated to them. The paragraph contains the default text block format, and the space between lines and paragraphs. The text format contains the font family, color, size, scale, style and background color. It provides also text selection services. Also provides an interface to allow the document and paragraphs to be written in another format (such as pure text or HTML).

Measure Layer
  • It contains the Unit of Measurement and Measure classes, that allow translation between different measures.

The documentation in the files must be improved, and the base files translated to english.

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